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Creating solutions that protect the environment and grow the economy.

Business has an important role to play in advancing the transition to a low-carbon economy. 澳博官方网站app致力于帮助我们的客户应对挑战,利用长期经济机遇和向低碳世界迈进的环境效益. We are applying our capital, data, expertise and other resources to help address climate change and promote long-term, innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. 

We strive to promote sustainable development through several avenues, including: 

Sustainable Solutions and Financing


Operational 可持续性

Minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, including from our corporate buildings, retail bank branches and data centers.

利益相关者 and 政策参与

Engaging with stakeholders to identify and advance best practices and new opportunities.


另外, we leverage the skills and passion of our employees to advance sustainability in our communities. 在我们业务范围内, 我们还积极考虑环境和社会问题,作为我们整体风险管理方法的一部分. Across our sustainability initiatives, we strive to provide transparent and regular updates through public 报告ing and disclosures.

Separate from our firmwide sustainability efforts, J.P. 摩根 Asset Management has developed its own approaches and investment processes.  To learn more, please click 在这里.


Net Zero Aligned Targets

Net Zero Aligned Targets

We are aligning key sectors of our financing portfolio with net zero emissions by 2050. We have developed 碳指南针SM -我们制定投资组合级别净零目标的方法,以逐步降低我们范围内行业投资组合的碳强度.

Sustainable Development Target

Sustainable Development Target

We aim to facilitate more than $2.5 trillion to address climate change and contribute to sustainable development, including $1 trillion for green initiatives over 10 years – from 2021 through the end of 2030.

Operational 可持续性 Targets

Operational 可持续性 Targets

We’ve set a number of targets to drive progress on operational sustainability, including our goal to be carbon neutral across our operations.

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报告 and Disclosures

澳博官方网站app努力通过公开报告和披露提供透明和定期的最新信息. Read our latest 报告s and disclosures to learn more about our approach, targets and performance on sustainability matters.



2023 Environmental Social & 治理报告 and Appendices

Published April 2024




2023 澳博官方网站app Climate Report

11月出版 2023

《2023年澳博官方网站app气候报告》提供了该公司如何应对气候相关风险的信息, opportunities and targets, including within our corporate governance, business strategies, and risk management.

Additional Resources

澳博官方网站app Annual Sustainable Bond Report
Learn about our sustainable bond issuance, allocation of net proceeds and impact metrics.

Sustainable Bond Framework 
Read about our approach for our sustainable bond issuances and use of proceeds.

能源结构目标 概述
In its 2023 Climate Report, 澳博官方网站app expanded the focus of our Oil & 气体最终用途指标. Now called Energy Mix, 该目标涵盖了更广泛的能源供应观点,更好地抓住了IEA NZE情景下从石油和天然气到低碳燃料和零碳发电的全系统替代. As with our other targets, the Energy Mix target aligns to the IEA NZE scenario.

碳指南针SM 方法

Methane Emissions Opportunity Report
本文强调了近期脱碳的一个重要杠杆,并分享了我们对石油的八个关键要素的看法 & Gas companies to consider as they tackle operational emissions.

Carbon Market Principles

2022 J.P. 摩根 Development Finance Institution Annual Report
阅读关于J的信息.P. 摩根发展金融机构(JPM DFI) 2022年的活动,以及这些活动如何与该公司在环境方面的更广泛工作相结合, social and governance (ESG) factors.

我们的方法 to Our Sustainable Development Target

Find our archived ESG 报告, ESG Report Indices and Corporate Responsibility 报告.

Other ESG Resources
Find other resources such as our Sustainable Bond Framework and 人权 Statement.

California Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures
Find our disclosures under Section 44475 of Division 26 of the California Health and Safety Code.


我们在推动环境可持续解决方案以帮助向低碳转型方面有着悠久的历史, more sustainable future. Some notable milestones include:




  • 发布 the 2023 Climate Report, which includes the following:
    • Net zero aligned targets for two additional sectors—Shipping and Aluminum.
    • Updates to our initial sector targets to align with net zero by 2050: We updated our Oil & Gas Operational (Scope 1 and 2), 电力, 以及汽车制造业排放强度降低目标,以符合国际能源机构2050年净零排放情景(“IEA NZE”).
    • Modifications to our Oil & Gas End Use (Scope 3) emissions intensity reduction target: Now called Energy Mix, 该目标涵盖了更广泛的能源供应观点,更好地抓住了IEA NZE情景下从石油和天然气到低碳燃料和零碳发电的全系统替代. As with our other targets, the Energy Mix target aligns to the IEA NZE scenario. View this one-pager for an overview of our 能源结构目标.
    • 首次披露绝对融资排放:公布我们融资组合中八个部门的绝对融资排放.
    • Progress toward our net zero targets as of December 31, 2022: We plan to continue to measure and 报告 annually on our progress.
    • 继续发展和扩大碳评估框架(“CAF”):我们继续使用CAF来评估每笔新交易如何影响我们实现排放强度降低目标的进展.
  • Announces agreements to purchase over $200 million in high-quality, durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR), intended to remove and store more than 800,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (mtCO₂e) from the atmosp在这里, to help speed and scale the growth and development of CDR technologies. 了解更多.
  • 发表白皮书,总结其对自愿碳市场所起作用的看法, current market challenges, and how 澳博官方网站app is working to support and leverage a more effective carbon market. 它还提出了一套核心原则,本所在评估碳信用额时参考这些原则,以支持本所的可持续发展承诺,并与客户就碳信用额相关交易进行接洽. 了解更多.



  • Launches Carbon Assessment Framework for capital markets transactions with in-scope clients. 了解更多.
  • 发布 2030 portfolio-level emissions intensity reduction targets for three new sectors — Iron & Steel, Cement and Aviation. 了解更多.




  • 释放 targets and 碳指南针 methodology for the firm’s Paris-aligned financing commitment.
  • Sets new targets to drive progress on operational sustainability其中包括承诺到2030年将公司的第一类和第二类温室气体排放量减少40%.
  • 宣布新 sustainable development target to facilitate more than $2.5 trillion over the next 10 years to advance climate action and sustainable development, including $1 trillion for green initiatives.
  • 发布 inaugural 绿色债券报告 summarizing the impact of our $1 billion green bond issuance in 2020.
  • 加入净零银行联盟,支持到2050年实现净零排放的全球目标.



  • 采用一个 Paris-aligned financing commitment and commits to achieving operational carbon neutrality starting in 2020.
  • 发行10亿美元 inaugural green bond with proceeds to fund eligible green building and renewable energy projects.
  • 宣布新 sustainability commitments, 包括在2020年提供2000亿美元资金,以推动应对气候变化的行动,推进联合国可持续发展目标的目标. 


利益相关者 & 政策参与

These relationships enable us to deepen our expertise, 推动可持续发展绩效的提高,为客户创造新的可持续发展机会.