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董事会 and 董事会委员会


The 董事会 of 澳博官方网站app & Co currently has 10 members. 了解更多 about the Board Directors and the Committees they provide leadership for.


The Board as a whole is responsible for the oversight of management on behalf of the Firm’s stockholders. The Board accomplishes its functions acting directly and through its committees.



The 审计委员会 assists the Board in its oversight of management’s responsibility to assure that there is an effective system of controls reasonably designed to safeguard the Firm’s assets and income, assure the integrity of the Firm’s financial statements, and maintain compliance with the Firm’s ethical standards, 政策, 计划和程序, and with laws and regulations. It also assists the Board in its oversight of the qualifications, independence and performance of the Firm’s independent registered public accounting firm, and of the performance of the Firm’s Internal Audit function.


补偿 & Management Development Committee

补偿 & Management Development Committee reviews and approves the corporation’s compensation and benefit programs; ensures the competitiveness of these programs; provides oversight of the Firm’s compensation principles and practices and review of the relationship among risk, risk management and compensation in light of the Firm's objectives; and advises the Board on the development of and succession for key executives.


公司治理 & 提名委员会

The 公司治理 & 提名委员会 exercises general oversight with respect to the governance of the 董事会.


Public Responsibility Committee

The Public Responsibility Committee provides oversight and review of the Firm’s positions and practices on public responsibility matters such as community investment, 公平的贷款, 可持续性, consumer practices and other public policy issues that reflect the Firm’s values and character and impact the Firm’s reputation among all of its stakeholders.



The 风险委员会 assists the Board in its oversight of management’s responsibility to implement an effective global risk management framework reasonably designed to identify, assess and manage the Firm’s strategic, 信贷与投资, 市场, 操作风险. The 风险委员会’s responsibilities include approval of applicable primary risk 政策 and review of certain associated frameworks, analysis and reporting established by management.

Other 董事会委员会

In addition to the above principal standing committees, the Board has a Stock Committee and a Board-level Executive Committee.



股票委员会 consists of 杰米•戴蒙. The committee is responsible for implementing the declaration of dividends, authorizing the issuance of stock, administering the dividend reinvestment plan and implementing share repurchase plans. The committee acts within Board-approved limitations and capital plans.

The Executive Committee

The committee consists of the Chairman/CEO and the chairs of the Board's five principal standing committees. It may exercise all the powers of the Board that lawfully may be delegated but with the expectation that it would not take material actions absent special circumstances.


Specific Purpose Committees

The Board may establish committees for specific purposes (“Specific Purpose Committees”). The Board currently has two such committees:

  • Markets Compliance Committee
  • 综合委员会

Specific Purpose Committees may provide oversight of specific aspects of our control agenda or serve any other purpose as the Board may determine.